This Aging Body


A scary place, this aging body

on a beach of shifting sands

passing youth jogging memories

of moving – mindless, confident, fluid

towards mundane tasks and lofty goals.

A scary place, this aging body

unsure of its place in space

Not responsive to primitive memories

of ways to navigate the bumpy plains and

slopping stairs to life’s rewards.

A scary place, this aging mind

Attentive of impending declines

that inflate the memories of agility

Leaving this aging body vulnerable

as we hold hands and totter forth.

I enjoy reading the poetry of Jamie Dedes, but today she pulled me in with her prompt. She invites us to:

Write a poem that juxtaposes a fond youthful memory with your current place in life.  See if you can do it in brief. Brevity often lends itself well to clarity and deeper emotion. (J. Dedes, The Poet by Day: For Mrs. Whitman – A Poem, 11/16/16)

I couldn’t resist her invitation. I won’t link to her blog, however, because I don’t consider myself a poet and know nothing about writing poetry. But I have the photo from my time on the beach this morning, like brevity, and know how to make it look like poetry. Anyone out there who would like to hold hands while we go for a walk in the unknown future?

18 thoughts on “This Aging Body

  1. Beautifully expressed, Pat and the photo backs it up. I once thought a poem was only a poem if it rhymed but there are a gazallion different structures to hang the words on. I had a bit of a dabble with haiku this year. It was a challenge, but creative.


  2. Forgive me for what follows, but I could not resist. I love limericks, have been known to pen a few. So with apologies to Ogden Nash, here is my shot on aging, ( maybe not to gracefully).

    This once was a body I knew,
    That could dance away on cue.
    But now I just totter
    While passssing water,
    Depends, someone said are for you.

    Enjoy. Cheers


  3. I wish you had linked. You are a poet. By whose’s definition are you not? Some old idea from school perhaps or maybe measuring yourself against the Greats? Writing a poem makes you a poet. Many can’t.
    I also am attracted to this challenge. You write of the problems of age well. Walking on sand can get tricky.
    I will try and find the challenge. I would like to respond too.


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