Autumn Equinox


I am a couple of days late – but we had a couple of days that felt like the dog-days of late summer, hot and humid. I have a hard time keeping my energy up on those days. But that didn’t stop Julie and I from fully experiencing the joy of this special seasonal day.

It was a glorious sunrise with golden skies that cast a glow over the whole world making even the most common beautiful. I didn’t get any photos of this glory because I was hurrying to pick Julie up at 7:30. Next week we will have start a little earlier but we commented on how fast we are loosing daylight hours. I also looked for the sun in the wrong place when we were going past favorite photo sites – the sun has migrated south.

The sunlight is softer as it lowers in the southern sky – and we also had a thin haze of clouds that helped to deflect the harshness of direct sunlight.

20160922-dsc_0206I found that I was pulled to the beauty of the most common of road-side scenes. They were different because of a slight change to fall colors and the natural progression of plants as they prepare to cast their seeds for a chance of survive for another year.



Our senses also told us it was fall because the crows become the dominate bird-call, along with geese and sand hill cranes who are flocking and making lots of noise. We marveled at the large swaths of wild asters blooming along the roads. Julie said that they grow in little bouquets.20160922-dsc_0200

Our last stop along the dirt roads was at a pumpkin patch. This tells us that October is fast approaching.


Wherever your dot on the map is, I hope you will take note of the changes that come as we enter another season of nature and life. Feel free to link your post in the comments so we can all enjoy what autumn looks like in your neighborhood. Happy Autumn Equinox.

8 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox

    • It is a joy to have you along. We will be leaving for the south in two weeks so I am soaking as much fall in as I can. We see a lot of color on the drive south.


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