Beauty thru my Lens: Water Abstract


Sometimes I get into an abstract frame of mind – and sometimes my environment is conducive to thinking and seeing abstract. Both happened this past week when granddaughter Em and I went on a photo shoot in downtown Grand Rapids.

My resent posts have felt misty and moody to me and I have been wanting to post some color that was clear. We walked across the river to the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum because Em wanted to take some images of the water feature out front. When we approached I went “wow” and then began clicking.

I didn’t do any post-editing except remove an unwanted spot of something that was distracting and cropped. Because of my age and propensity toward fatigue because of fibromyalgia, I do walking photo shoots with a 50 mm dedicated lens. To get this without cropping I would have had to wade into the water and that would have embarrassed 16 year old Em. Cropping is also great fun because it gives me the creative license of an artist to create a pleasing composition. But then, all you photographers know that.

11 thoughts on “Beauty thru my Lens: Water Abstract

  1. Lovely colour – so peaceful.

    I think water is such a great teacher to look at what one is actually seeing.

    Hands up all those who forget it’s possible to crop. I often do – and if I am using several images in one post I get quite compulsive about cropping all images to the same aspect ratio.


    • I probably do to – to get rid of unwanted objects on the edges, to position the main focus in a pleasing place, to get closer to the action, to place leading lines where I want them. Yup, I agree.


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