Rare Queen Anne’s Lace


Don’t laugh – hear me out. Rare usually means scarce, maybe even valuable because of the rarity of the item. Queen Anne’s Lace (daucus carota) is never considered rare by people living in the northern U.S. where it is a prolific wildflower in late summer. I love this wildflower and have practiced photographing its personality for several years.

It grows along the side of the road with other wild flowers, making a natural bouquet that is beautiful to view but hard to capture in a pleasing photographic composition.


During this week’s photo outing I found this pleasing composition of Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory. A beautiful composition, but not rare as both are very common wildflowers at my dot on the map.


This is a good year for Queen Anne’s Lace so I have enjoyed looking at it during our late summer outings along highways and byways. I have loved how it lines the roads and how their heads dance above the fields of other wildflowers. I have seen some pretty impressive fields of Queen Anne’s Lace this year, but…

what I saw on this week’s photo outing is truly rare.


A field of very common wildflowers that took my breath away…



because of their sheer numbers, the density of their blooms. A rare and precious site to behold and photograph.

Ben Huberman, at WordPress’s The Daily Post, provided my theme with his request to “show us something that stands out from the everyday.”  His photo challenge for this week is Rare. Join in the fun by showing us your interpretation – and maybe even pick up a new follower or two.

17 thoughts on “Rare Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. Hi Pat. I live in Florida now – nary a QAL anywhere. But I’m originally from Indiana, and in fact I was just there last week for a few days, where guess what? I took lots of pictures of Queen Anne’s Lace. It, too, is one of my favorite roadside beauties and I used to gather it up in our pasture along with other “weeds” like goldenrod and ironweed for tabletop arrangements. I’ll be posting my snaps at http://www.vedaeddy.wordpress.com shortly.

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