Down Dirt Roads


We agreed that this past week’s Down Dirt Roads excursion was very close to being perfect. The top criterion for rating an outing as perfect is that it has to relax and refresh me. It has to be an exercise in prayer – not that I do any formal prayers, but that I end up knowing that God and I had been with each other. That maybe I understand God a little more clearly and even more importantly that I trust in God’s total knowledge of me and believe in His forgiveness. Now that’s a good day!

A good day of photographing also includes cool temperatures, low humidity, slowing down to a crawl on dirt roads just because, and finding interesting things to photograph – either because the subject is beautiful in the given light or it tells a good story. Yup, Julie and I both agreed it was a really good day.

Okay, take a deep breath, give yourself permission to forget about any pressing duties or troubling problems for the next 60 seconds, and see if looking at my photographs make your day as good as taking the images did for me.





Peace and hugs to you on this day.

11 thoughts on “Down Dirt Roads

    • Thanks. We are going down country roads in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula but not much enthusiasm for photography because it is really hot. Not Florida hot but in the mid 80s with high humidity. Not normal UP weather by any stretch of the imagination.


  1. Dirt roads. Love ’em. Up here at the lake, we are surrounded by them, many of them with not a house to be seen. Each one offers up a new adventure, flora and wildlife. The only sounds and smells are those produced by the land around us. It is wonderful to stop, sit down and just take in all that nature has to offer. That is until the dear and horse flies decide to join us! Love your pictures and words.


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