Morning Stop at a Roadside Market


At the end of last week’s photo outing, Julie and I decided to drive down Chapel Road to a roadside produce stand – before we went to the Wooden Spoon for a late breakfast. It is early August and farmers are starting to set up stands close to the country roads, for people who want to buy fresh produce for their suppers. People living in the Midwest states of the U.S. eat a lot of sweet corn, on the cob with lots of butter and salt. On this morning, the only things for sale at this market were sweet corn and flowers. In a couple more weeks there will be plenty of produce.


Julie bought a few years of corn, following the directions to put her money in a can sitting on a table. This is common at these small stand, the honor system. I had some fun taking a few more photos on this most beautiful almost-late-summer morning.



When I saw Cheri’s prompt of “Morning” at The Daily Post, I so much wanted to put a link on the post I did a few days ago on Early Morning Light. But she states that we need to post something original so I decided to do this. Not as good an interpretation, but I will go to bed tonight with a clear conscious and lack of anxiety over getting busted. This is a great prompt and can be repeated frequently.

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