Details of White


For this week’s Photo Challenge, on The Daily Post, Jen asked us to think about the “details” that become evident when we get up close to a subject. I took this photo of a Camellia at the Hidden Lake Gardens in southern Michigan. I was fascinated by the image as soon as I framed it through my viewfinder. I was excited by the sensuousness of the curves and intrigued by the multiple shades of white.

The detail of the color illustrates why we can’t go into a paint store and say I want a gallon of white – without giving a whole lot more detail.

6 thoughts on “Details of White

  1. When I first bought my house, I picked up 10 white paint chips, hung them on a wall, and invited friends over to celebrate. Half my friends thought all the paint chips looked the same, and the other half had strong opinions on which were the prettier colors.


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