A Visit to a Bakery


Photo buddy, Julie, and I sometimes wander around in the Amish areas close to where we live. As I have written before, I have a curiosity about their lifestyle. Also, our own neighborhood can feel mundane after a while and I seek the unique to photograph. Julie and I found this bakery in early spring, before they opened for the season. Because we love baked goods, a recent outing was kind of structured around returning. Β On that outing I bought a cinnamon roll, raisin bread, and some molasses cookies. And I knew I needed to return.


JB & I decided to go last Saturday morning because they serve coffee and sell fresh doughnuts on Saturdays. I decided that JB and I could split one because we are both watching what we eat and fried doughnuts aren’t on the okay list. I took one bite of the one he chose and was lost in total bliss. It went straight to the pleasure center of my brain – like I had stuffed it through a needle into a vein. No splitting one this time. I chose a sugar coated one, that was still a little warm and soft and yeasty inside.


Fried Pies

They make a wonderful raisin bread that we had as french toast Sunday morning – a real treat. JB bought (and ate – but who is keeping track) one of their fried pies – not my favorite. The bakery is a part of a working Amish farm so we stood around outside eating our goodies, drinking coffee, and watching what was happening. And I took a few photos.


Harnessed and waiting to work.


Older son mowing the lawn

I wonder if going for a Saturday morning drive in the country will become a ritual? I think I can smell doughnuts and it is only Monday.

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