Doors of Buenos Aries

20151025-DSC_0027A friend and I had signed up to help with a research project on penguin feeding in the Patagonia region of Argentina last fall but it fell through because the activity level was too rigorous for me. We were really disappointed for a few minutes, until we decided to go anyway (everything was paid for) and take a couple of tours on our own. How great it turned out to be because it allowed us free time to explore Buenos Aries, both on foot and on a bus tour.

I’m not a city type of gal, so I was intrigued by how people live – both because the culture is so different than my North American culture and because they are city dwellers. I have always been fascinated by doors. At my dot on the map, I have photographed doors but most look “common” and because my professional background is in mental health I pretty much understand the full range of human experiences that go on behind those closed doors.

But when visiting a different culture, I can’t make those assumptions. Yes, there are probably more similarities than differences in how we live, but I have a hard time getting my mind around that. The doors look so different, so life behind them must also be different. Right?

Here are some doors to stimulate your imagination – especially if you don’t live in Buenos Aries.




20151025-DSC_0021Here is a link to see more posts about doors.

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