20160620-DSC_0065I started a post about early summer – but it isn’t finished. And here we are at the Summer Solstice. In Michigan it means that at 9:30 at night I look out one window and see a beautiful pink sky and I listen to the continual roll of thunder from the window to the other side. It has been hot and humid all day. It is the first day of summer and we celebrated by going for ice cream.

We weren’t the only ones in small-town Michigan to revel in not-winter:20160620-DSC_0083

We watched as two emergency vehicles from the township fire department drove up – not to help someone in trouble, but to enjoy some ice cream.20160620-DSC_0077

And I smiled as I watched children with ice cream almost as big as they are.20160620-DSC_0082

The image that seemed to capture the first day of summer best, however, was eating ice cream on a warm evening, on a hill, under a tree in full leaf.


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