Wild in the Woods


My cousin, Sue, called me late last week telling me that the wild phlox were beautiful in their woodlot. She said mornings are the best time to see them but I have been engaged with other fun activities in the mornings that weren’t overcast so I didn’t get there until yesterday.20160530-DSC_0052

But I didn’t get there in the morning. I decided to take my chances in the evening as the sun was setting low enough to shine through the trees. I also took my tripod because I must be losing arm strength to hold my camera steady – especially in low light settings.

The light was great, and was changing so when I looked at an area I had already explored through my lens, I found new lights. Sue was right, it was magical. It was like a fairy land of lacy color.


I spent a long time and really enjoyed editing the images I got – but I think I might go back tomorrow morning to see if the different color and slant of morning light will make for some more fun shots.

11 thoughts on “Wild in the Woods

  1. I have tried to pick phlox and put it in my house, but it never looks as beautiful as it does under the dappled light of a forest.


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