Time to Say Goodbye


We are once again planning to leave Southwest Florida for our migration north to Michigan. Our daughter visited for a long weekend, so I knew my visit to the Naples Botanical Garden last Tuesday would be my last. I approached this visit very differently, even beginning my walk by going counter-clockwise.

It was a beautiful morning; temperature about 65 degrees, slight breeze and low humidity. I stopped in the shade by this lake in the preservation part of the garden. I wanted to hear the birds and absorb the foliage that is so different from the Michigan countryside. I remember how foreign it used to feel and now it is a part of who I am – almost as much as the Michigan landscape.


My next stop was the water lily gardens – before the sun was too high. There were some beautiful specimens but this is the only one I’m showing today. I am saving one for my next Silent Sunday post – and maybe use some more later. It is funny, though. I have a hard time using photographs from Florida when I return to Michigan. The same is true when I return in the Fall. When I put this problem in print it sounds pretty illogical.


I wandered over to the Florida garden where they are growing vegetables this time of year, to be used by the chef at the cafe. It is always fun to see what is grown here.  The tomato is growing in a raised bed in the Children’s Garden. In the Asian Garden they are growing rice along with other crops that haven’t started to produce.

This last visit for the season seemed to change my brain circuitry in a way that gave me a very different perspective. Someone was watching me take photos in the Florida Garden and when I looked up, she said she was watching me to see what I was seeing. This started me thinking about what draws me into a scene – into a potential photograph.


I have been repeatedly drawn into the succulent garden and have taken many macro shots of various plants that I find interesting because of color and texture. This time I stepped back and just stood there, observing and thinking about what I was seeing that would pull me in. I am drawn to the blues of the thick-leaved plants that store water. I also love the graceful, sensual curves of the plants. Yes, I will look forward to being drawn into this part of the garden over and over again – and will always feel like it is the first time.

In my last botanical garden post, I mentioned that there was an image involving multiple textures in the orchid garden that I wanted to retake. Of course it is impossible to walk through an orchid garden without taking at least a few photos, but I accomplished my main mission of improving the composition .



When I left the orchid garden, a left turn positions me to see the cafe – where I could see my table waiting for me. On my last visit I was naughty and didn’t share me scone – so this week I broke it in half so you can pick the half you want. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (everything is better when it is shared).


10 thoughts on “Time to Say Goodbye

  1. I don’t think your reluctance to use photos from ‘the other place’ is illogical, Pat, for your blog reflects your current state of being. I love taking photographs of textures and colour contrasts, too. I love those palm trees in the cafe area – their trunks are extraordinary.


  2. I have trouble using photos after I leave a place, too. I understand what you say perfectly. I tend to just move on and use current photos of where I am. That said, I’m happy to see your Naples Garden photos. That blooming world is so different from my own and so welcome to my winter weary eyes.

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  3. When my lady and I were in Puerto Vallarta this past winter, we visited the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. It is about a 40 minute bus ride from Puerto Vallarta and located in the mountains. Going in January, a lot of the flowers had not bloomed, but there was still lots to see and do. Next year we are going for 4 months and will visit in March or April. She also blogs at WordPress and her blog on this can be found at maggielt.wordpress.com. She included a number of pictures. Thanks for sharing, I will let you have the bigger piece! Make it a safe trip home.

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  4. I often think about the contrast between our two ‘homes’ too. For us it is Alberta and Arizona, and the difference between native plants is striking!

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    • Darn, busted again. Thanks, we are looking forward to the drive. We stay off the interstate as much as possible so we see the countryside and visit small towns.


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