Foggy Morning Gardens


It was a foggy morning, and I was making my first trip to the Naples Botanical Gardens since we did our snowbird flight a month ago. I have been to the garden before when it was foggy so I was excited. It is a magical place in the fog and I enjoy taking macro photos when there isn’t the harsh shadows from the bright Florida sun. There were some other photographers who thought so, too.

There were some beautiful water lilies in bloom. I go on Tuesday mornings when members and dog owners can get in at 8:00.



The fog works its magic on spider webs, leaving tiny drops of moisture along each strand. They are hard to photograph because the slightest breath of air moves them. I also had to move around to find a perspective where the background allowed the web to show at its best.


There are a lot of banana trees growing in the garden and I have a tree with bananas ripening outside my kitchen window but this was the most beautiful bunch I have seen. The way they develop fruit really fascinates me. The flower petals lift up to expose the small yellow flowers inside – that the bees pollinate. The fruit grows at the base of this yellow part of the flower. Later the red petals fall off and new ones raise up with a new hand of bananas ready to form.


The fog lifted but didn’t burn off when I was ready to leave. It was really humid so I didn’t stop for something cold to drink and a scone at the cafe. Maybe next week.


18 thoughts on “Foggy Morning Gardens

  1. Hi Pat! Your photos are beautiful to look at this morning. I have been in a “slump” too with respect to blogging. I just can’t get with the program and pick my camera up. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post this morning. Love the first photo and the water lilies are beautiful!


    • Thanks, Pat. There was another one that was really nice but I couldn’t get a good shot of it without wading into their lotus ponds. I probably would have been banned. 🙂


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