Another Walk in Buenos Aries


Yes, we had yet another change in plans. We thought we had changed the new hotel room for tonight instead of tomorrow so we could go to Iguazu Falls for an extra night. When we arrived this morning at the new hotel they didn’t have the change and were full for the night. We were without a room – so we put our heads together to do some problem solving. We ended up checking if the first hotel I stayed in before Lynn got here had a vacant room.

They did and we are now staying in Palarmo Place in the Palarmo neighborhood. Lynn loves this family-centered neighborhood and we had a delicious lunch that went on forever. And the unexpected continues to happen. The manager and the day clerk are going to a folk ballet (free!) put on for local residents and they asked us if we wanted to go along. The manager of the hotel had been a professional dancer as her last job so she knows some of the dancers. Can you believe the chances of that happening all in one day?

I am getting a backlog of photographs of this beautify city so here is another gallery. I wish I could also send you the Spanish words and bird songs that float past as I walk the streets.

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