The Last Morning Swing

Morning Bliss

This morning we left for our yearly Snowbird migration. Autumn has been slow in coming to Michigan so I’m not sure I was ready to go. Yesterday I sat on my purple porch swing for the last time – until next spring. I held my cup of coffee with both hands to keep them warm, with the morning sun shining on my face, absorbing every sight and sound and smell because this is my happy spot – this is where I make sure “I’m in my groove for the day.”


JB and I had many discussions about when to pull the morning glory vines. We had a very cool spring, going well into summer, so the morning glories started blooming just a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to keep them as long as possible because there is nothing more beautiful than the clear blue silky blossom opening to the morning sun. There were hundreds of buds so it pained me to pull them before our first frost – but JB did the job two days ago and I missed them yesterday. We did a lot of cutting back of my perennials so the garden will be neat and tidy when the plants come back to life with new sprouts in the spring. It seems strange to resist cutting back plants that still have a bloom or two while at the same time being excited as I think about how my garden will fill in next year. JB doesn’t feel as sentimental about the plants – but I said don’t cut so we (I) will have some more cleaning to do when we fly back for the holidays.

We are not the only ones planning our southern migration. I went out early Sunday morning to photograph some fall color and heard a flock of Sand Hill Cranes in a corn field. They make a big noise – and then they took off in a southerly direction looking for another field.


This was my second early morning outing in the past week – because Michigan is my happy place where the change in seasons excites me and nourishes my soul. I especially like everything about fall.

As I was wandering down a farm lane last week, I realized that I needed to soak up all that fall has to offer because my winter home has entirely different delights. One way that I work to keep myself from getting depleted by what I have lost or don’t have is to thoroughly enjoy what I have when I have it. So I focused all my senses on that very moment. These are the simple pleasures that I will miss in the coming months. I hope they trigger a happy spot for you as you add the sounds and smells to the sights I provide – and don’t forget to feel the cool morning air on your face.

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15 thoughts on “The Last Morning Swing

  1. Such an evocative post! I love the photos and the text. Would love to see Sand Hills. Yesterday we light the fireplace inset for the first time this season; it was a day of rain, heavy sleet, and sun. Last night a freeze, although it looks like we might have escaped here by the lake. Tonight will likely end the growing season. Looking out the office window, we see vibrant color, with patches of green. The season is achanging.


    • And sometimes it changes so very quickly. How fortunate you are that you have a cozy haven to retreat to when the weather gets nasty. I picture you and your honey snuggling down with a good book and soft jazz playing in the background. Oops, my fantasy just crept in. 🙂


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