Fai Chan’s Photography: Bluebird on Evergreen

Bluebird on Evergreen (1 of 1)My friend, Fai Chan, loves to take photos of birds – like traveling great distances to go to places where different birds are sited hoping to catch a glimpse and a good image. He also like to attract birds to his back yard so he can take their picture through the sliding glass door. He e-mails me photos with a short message about where or how he took the photo. I obtained permission to feature his photos on my blog so I’ll be sharing them periodically.

Here is what he said about photographing this beauty. I love what you did with the green, Fai.

Now that the pair of bluebirds has lost all inhibition to come to the perch and ask for food, I thought that I would put a small evergreen next to the perch and put some crickets on the evergreen today.  The results are shown in the attached picture.  I toned down the green color and let the blue show.  I like the blue and green contrast very much.  He is actually looking for crickets in the evergreen.
I have another week or so before the babies are hatched, I might try some yellow or red flowers and see if they would perch on the flower.  Just keep the rain coming because they ask for food more often during rainy days.

7 thoughts on “Fai Chan’s Photography: Bluebird on Evergreen

  1. Awesome photo, as is the wildflower gallery in the next post. I’m sitting here with my mouth open. Yes, awesome. I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog today, Pat. Thanks for sharing.


    • Oops, the gallery is not the next post at all – I was with 3/4 acre of wildflowers. I got out of blog order, having clicked on a category, methinks it was the ‘uncategorized’ catergory. 🙂 So, perhaps I haven’t caught up as much as I thought.

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