Then I Would Send You…

20150603-DSC_00866:15 on a almost summer’s day,

driving to pick up Julie for our weekly photo outing.

Looking for the magic,

the way early light illuminates the ordinary into extraordinary.

As I approach where I turn,

before the road turns to gravel,

I smile in anticipation,

wondering what the wetlands I have seen a thousand times

will look like on this new morning.

I capture the sunlight spinning last year’s grass to gold

the sun illuminating the gentle mist hanging by gossamer threads.

I can capture this beauty to share with you,

but I wish I could capture the silence broken only by the stirring of an awakening breeze.

Then I could send you a smile.

I can tell you about getting lost along the side of the road

totally absorbed by the wonder of the seeds of grass and dandelion,

the blooms of milkweed and wild phlox.

I can create these images for you – if only

I could capture the vibrations of the birds’ song

I could send you joy.

20150528-flowers and barns 036I can gather the pixals of

a winter wheat field in early summer

softened by slanted light hitting dew,

showing off the sensuous curves of rolling hills.

If only I could harvest the warmth of sun

and the fresh scent of earth and plant,

Then I would send you peace.

19 thoughts on “Then I Would Send You…

    • You are welcome, Michael. So happy to share it with you. Isn’t it wonderful to be of such an age where we have millions of stored memories waiting to be triggered. It is like we can enjoy the present while also enjoying a time in the past.


  1. Early morning light captured beautifully Pat …and love the thoughts you shared … I’m sure I received πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks, Charles. I’m glad you wanted to be there because that was my goal. That quarter mile of marshland has given me so many times of awe and joy.


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