13 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Misty Morning Barn

  1. Do you suppose the builder of that barn knew we would find it art? Perhaps our lives are like that old barn–gentled by years and a testament to craft.


  2. This looks so idyllic. I am getting stir crazy having not had a few days out of town for a while. So looking forward to being at das Boot in a couple of weeks. Until then, this photo may help me keep sane. Thanks.


    • Urban life is a lot of fun – but nothing like being in the country for that time we need to center ourselves and reflect. When I am in the city too long I begin to miss the large expanses of green. Hang in there until das Boot time.


      • I am lucky enough to ahve both, and aware that much as I hanker after country life, my work is here, and as I get older the country is a much harder place to live. Das Boot time approaching nicely. 🙂


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