Travel Theme: Trees

My ancestors came from the woods; I’m sure of this. Could it be what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious,”  where my body and mind and soul was born ‘knowing’ the experiences of billions of people who lived in the woods of the Northern Hemisphere before me?

I grew up with trees and my favorite memories involve trees – making outlines of houses with oak leaves we raked at Grandma’s cottage on Portage Lake, swinging for hours in the swing under the sprawling oak tree at her home in the city, watching our children collect and chop fallen birch branches for a campfire in the state forest near Harrison Michigan.

I am most drawn to deciduous trees. I have been with a lover in the cool shade of a large, dense green canopy, then marveled when these same leaves loose their green to brilliant colors of red, yellow and orange. I have a lifetime of smiles from showers of falling leaves, while rustling through layers of leaves on my path. I have admired the strong, unique skeletal outlines of winter trees, standing firm against raging winds or gently catching falling snow.

My most exciting moments have been in Spring, when the trees that appear dead burst forth in brilliant shades of golden green and blossoms of white and pink.

20150421-Blue Ridge Parkway 210

Springing Up the Mountain

This is my interpretation of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Trees. I couldn’t resist.

14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Trees

  1. What wonderful memories…I always think of Longfellow’s Evangeline when I enter the forest…those lines “This is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks,
    Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight,…”


    • How beautiful. It reminds me of a forest I visited in southern Ireland where I knew the fairies resided. It was a rain forest with all the trees bearded with moss. I think I must have some connection with Robin Hood. 🙂


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