Center it Up & Gulp it Down


I was fascinated as I watched this Cormorant come up from a dive with this fish. He worked hard trying to turn the fish in its beak while the fish was trying to escape.


He had to center it up before it could slide down.



My computer has been acting up with internet, so I was reduced to thinning out photos in Lightroom to make space for more. These were taken at the Venice Rookery here in Florida. We will be leaving on Sunday for our home in Michigan, so I have been wanting to post some of my favorite Florida photos. How fortunate that Ailsa posted Centre as her travel theme this week. I’m feeling a little off-centre as I’m packing, saying good-bye to a place that I love, and traveling to someplace else that I love.

21 thoughts on “Center it Up & Gulp it Down

  1. Great pictures as ever. I love watching cormorants. there are hundreds on the Thames, and I notice they have started to roost on Pelican Island in St James’ Park too. Not sure what the pelicans make of that!


    • I love watching the pelicans dive – they make such a big splash and the way their wings angle out I am always sure they have broken a bone or two.


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    • Thanks, Dan. As we are now in our 70’s we are slowing down and enjoying each new horizon because we are aware that we may not have the opportunity to go this way again.

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    • Me too, Barb. Friends are saying it has been in the 60’s and 70’s and the daffodils are coming up. The close to 90 degree weather and humidity in southern Florida are beginning to get to me. I don’t enjoy living in air conditioning.


    • I am amazed at how hard he worked and how they know what to do. It makes sense that the head needs to go down first and that is how he arranged his meal.


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