Tiny Orchids

20150324-Botanical garden 009-2

I am drawn to little orchids and although these are not the smallest I’ve seen in the Naples Botanical Garden Orchid Garden, they are really small. They grow on stems like this. Kind of like an orchid nosegay.

20150324-Botanical garden 009 (2)They seem especially magical in the middle of the night when I can’t get to sleep because my body is acting up.

I am starting the mental transition that goes with migrating north for the summer. I wasn’t feeling ready but I think it is the increasing heat and humidity of southern Florida that is increasing my fibromyalgia pain, resulting in poor sleep and more pain and fatigue. Tonight I turned on the air to see if it will help, even though we had a refreshing rain and it didn’t feel hot and humid. I’m beginning to feel the sadness of leaving all that I find so fascinating and beautiful about my winter’s dot on the map.

Tomorrow is one of two possible 8:00 openings for members that I can use at the garden before we leave for Michigan. If I feel sleep coming soon, I will be able to make it – at least for a couple of hours. As I am thinking of the last photo outings here, I am also beginning to anticipate my weekly photo outings with Julie in Michigan. Life is funny that way.

21 thoughts on “Tiny Orchids

  1. At least a little something lovely to envision when you are lying there in pain and discomfort. So sorry about that. These are lovely. Thank you for posting, especially the “nosegay” … I don’t think I’ve seen orchids growing quite like that. Wonderful.


  2. Those are the sweetest little orchids I have ever seen! So sorry to hear that you are in pain and I can imagine the mixed feelings you have about leaving Floriday…but spring awaits you in Michigan and I bet by the time you get back, it will be just glorious!

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  3. Lovely photos Pat, though I would never expect less from you.
    Sorry to hear you are enduring such pain. I hope things improve for you.

    I am apparently still following you, but your posts are not showing up in Reader. I think I shall have to revert to the old ways and make sure I do the rounds of favourite blogs every now and again.


  4. Wondering if you’ve transitioned back up north. If the weather is causing you problems down there, hopefully you’ll find some relief up here. The weather is finally starting to behave 😉


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