Evening Tide

20150322-sunset 001We went to the beach to see the sunset last Sunday along with just about everyone else in town. There is parking on every street that ends by the Gulf of Mexico beach but we had to drive well north before we found a park with a spot for us. We almost missed the sunset.

20150322-sunset 012Lately I’ve been fascinated with the surface of water and how light dances and plays with the movement of the water. On this evening I found my own space on our planet and became immersed in the reflected color on the surf.

20150322-sunset 011 We shared it with friends Julie & Joanne and it was a perfect way to end another wonderful day. It is nice to still be adding special memories in the neurons of my brain and connecting them to hundreds of other beach memories from years past. I think new experiences are more exciting in old age because of the opportunity to relive so many previous experiences simultaneously.

17 thoughts on “Evening Tide

  1. I think you probably know how much I love the beach and the Gulf. These pictures take me to such a peaceful place. Love the pinks. Very pretty Pat. I would like to hop in the car and head back to Venice… I miss it.


    • I bet you do miss it. I miss Michigan when I am here and then miss Florida when we go north. They are so different but beautiful in their special way.


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