A Gentle Kind of Green

20150303-amazon botanical garden 271This week I took my friend Lynn to the botanical garden. I can’t go without my camera, but because I didn’t want to focus on photography, I took my light-weight 50mm lens.

I hadn’t used it in a long time and once I got used to moving my body instead of the telephoto lens, I had great fun. I couldn’t resist a few more orchid images, but my latest love has been foliage.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 218After seeing some pillows in the gift shop that were beautiful but way more than I wanted to spend, Lynn suggested that I transfer some of my photographs to fabric and make pillows. That idea makes taking macro shots of foliage even more exciting and interesting.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 191

This project almost makes me eager to get back to Michigan where I have my photo printer. All you people in the upper 47 states (all but Florida, Texas, and Hawaii) will need to get working on getting the snow gone and some warm weather so I can come home. I saw your roll of the eyes – that was really insensitive of me. I’m sorry.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 264 I am also eager to get to my printer because I am using some of these to decorate our livingroom in Florida. The last two are strong contenders because I like the lines and the colors are good – at least on my computer screen.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 288I hope this glimpse of green soothed your spirits that are so eager for spring to arrive. I remember how frustrating it is to endure the long winters of the north.

26 thoughts on “A Gentle Kind of Green

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  2. That’s a pretty cool idea for a pillow. I love the lines of the palm image, but I’m not sure it would transfer well to a pillow.
    We are working pretty hard on that snow removal! It genuinely felt warm out today when it was 35 and sunny. It’s not much, but it was enough 🙂


    • It really does make a difference when the temp gets above 35. I will print several images and then have to practice. I think I can find the transfer materials in the craft stores.


    • We try to go home for Easter but if it is before April 15 we stay south. I’m glad we decided to go home toward the end of April. I’m beginning to worry about having to wait until the middle of May.


    • They have a huge variety of tropical plants so there is never a lack of subjects – sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get it right but that is the fun of it. Nice to get up to your comment this morning, Sue.

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    • I can be brave because I go to this botanical garden every Tuesday morning. That means that I can have fun focusing with one lens or on one subject knowing that I can do something different next time. And I always find something new and interesting to practice with. I won’t be able to do the pillows until summer because I don’t have my printer here but I will post on it.

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  3. Hi Pat, I really like the texture/color of the second leaf. I made a pillow for a friend using my photos on Shutterfly. I was pleased with it.


  4. Hmm…we even had snow in SoCal this week…well in the mountains..but I can see it from my house….does that count…we’re getting green fields because of the rain….haven’t had that in a while.


  5. I often take the 50mm when I don’t want to carry the heavier lens… it does give you a different perspective… I especially like the third photo.. nature is amazing.


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