Sauter 236

We flew to Texas recently and whenever I fly I think about how hard and uncomfortable flying is. It is a chore I do because I want to get from here to there quickly – even though it doesn’t feel quick with lay-overs. When I start to get grumpy I remind myself that flying wasn’t always an option.

Sauter 242

When we go on road trips I often wonder what people will think about our current modes of travel. This is probably because I think about how difficult it must have been in the very early cars, and before that when people traveled on horses and in buggies. I think about when people traveled on foot, walking for miles a day, and day after day to get where they needed to go.

Sauter 244

I want to cry when I think about traveling in a covered wagon. Even with my love of camping I can’t comprehend the discomfort and work involved. I guess the equivalent of fast food stop would be a hunk of bread and a little water.

These photos were taken at Sauter Village in Archibald, Ohio. After seeing how they used small logs to cope with muddy roads, maybe I need to stop complaining about the rough roads we sometimes encounter. But then again, maybe people in the future will feel sorry for how difficult travel is for us.

Sauter 227 - Copy

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge this week is “wheels” and I can’t image riding anything with wheels over this stretch of road. Bump, Bump, Bump!


15 thoughts on “Wheels

  1. My activity tracker (vivofit) told me I had manged over 13,000 steps on the 700+km drive to Adelaide on Saturday last weekend! Lots of bumpy roads set it counting!

    Lovely photos.


  2. Perfect photos to go along with your post. I know that flying – and driving even – is a better option than the old covered wagons, but I surely do hope that future folks look back on us poor weary travelers and feel sorry for us 😉
    PS – Are you familiar with the old computer game Oregon Trail?


      • It seems to have been very short-lived during my elementary school years. It was played on computers that supported only the monochrome orange or green monitors. You signed up to be members of a family following the Oregon trail. Terrible things happened, and most of the time the entire family died of things like dysentery or while fording a river or in flash flood waters… There are catch phrases (“You have died of dysentery”), and your covered wagon photos made several of them resurface 🙂


    • I’m glad you like it, Cee. I usually don’t enjoy taking the color out of my photos but these were a natural and I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to post them. Now I can go back to thinking in color. 🙂


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