Sensuous Day in the Garden

I spent four and a half hours at the Naples Botanical Garden yesterday – about twice as long a normal. I paid the pain price but oh it was sooooo worth it. It was one of those beautiful days when everything seemed more, well sensual.

20150210-Botanical creatures 060My goal was to walk to the edge of the garden where they are preserving the wetland, to see if there were wading birds. The color and texture in the succulent garden was my first distraction. In previous years I have tried photographing these plants, but I didn’t feel the passion I am feeling this year.

20150210-Botanical creatures 075

I am drawn to the beautiful curves and colors.

20150210-Botanical creatures 245Yesterday, I played tag with the sun that dappled the thick, fleshy leaves as gossamer clouds rode the wind.

20150210-Botanical creatures 186I watched an artist sketch those parts of the landscape that have also caught my eye on many visits. We talked for a long time about composition and golf bags.

20150210-Botanical creatures 214The subtle colors of vegetation slowed me down and kept me from my destination. How could I possibly choose to walk to the water’s edge when so much beauty was right before me?

20150210-Botanical creatures 239

What could be more inviting and sensual than the petal’s curl of a blooming rose or an orchid?

20150210-Botanical creatures 355I had a lot of other distractions from my goal, but the most inviting and sensual was my lunch. I usually stop for a cup of tea and scone before I leave, but yesterday it was later so I ordered a mango chicken salad and an iced coffee.

20150210-Botanical creatures 294The salad had a wonderful herb I couldn’t identify but the blend of flavors brought a smile as I savored it with the tender fresh lettuce and crispy toast. And the iced coffee was extra special with the cream I added.

This adventure fed all my senses. On mornings like this I rejoice at being alive.

20 thoughts on “Sensuous Day in the Garden

    • Thanks, Barb. I won’t tell you how many photos I have taken that didn’t work. I really enjoy going to the botanical gardens every week because I can retry those things that didn’t work. Sometimes it is frustrating to see beauty but can’t capture it with my camera. I appreciate your comment.


  1. Sounds like a perfect morning. And an even better lunch. How nice it would be to enjoy chilled food outdoors!
    I think some of the best times with the camera are when you’ve been distracted away from what you thought you came to make images of. Those are days when the whole world is new again!


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