An Unusual Orchid

20150127-Botanical garden 158I walked past the Orchid Garden when I arrived at the Naples Botanical Garden this week – because I have been spending way too much time there. I wanted to make sure I had the energy to see more of my other favorite spots.

After spending two hours wandering, I was on my way to the exit – weary and limping. I decided not to turn into the orchid garden but the pull was too great. I’m glad I did because I found some new blooms, the one above being the most unusual. Does anyone know the name? With hundred of thousands of orchids it takes a long time to identify by going through on-line photos.

Thanks to friend Vicki Lorencen who has a wonderful blog for authors of children’s books called Frog on a Dime. She has identified this orchid as Paphiopedilum Michael Koopowitz.

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