Little Orchids

20150106-botanical garden orchids 063

My eyes automatically focus on the big, dramatic blossoms when I walk into the orchid garden at the Naples Botanical Garden. On my last visit I did a second round with my camera and focused on capturing the small orchids.20150106-botanical garden orchids 07220150106-botanical garden orchids 10020150106-botanical garden orchids 077The small ones are just as beautiful, I just had to get up close to notice them. In fact there was one small orchid in a hanging basket that was just budding and so small I could hardly see them. I’m eager to see what they look like when they are in full bloom.

When I returned home, I realized that my favorite small orchid is growing just outside my lanai, where I hung it last Spring before we went home. How excited I was to see the bud stem when we returned to Florida in October. Now it is in full bloom.

Ny OrchidsI have a hard time getting my mind around how these delicate beauties can thrive outside, hanging on a tree. What a miracle it is that nature provides everything a plant needs when the plant is in it’s natural environment. Nature has taken care of orchids for thousands of years without this Northern transplant’s help. Truly amazing.

8 thoughts on “Little Orchids

    • Nice to hear from you, Susan. Even though I see them frequently, I still have a hard time getting my mind around seeing them grow outside. There is one called a ghost orchid that grows in the Everglades and my goal is to hopefully find one on my excursions.


    • Somehow I wonder if my mistreatment of various houseplants I have tried to grow in the frigid north is implied in your comment. LOL All the plants that withered and died in my northern home, grow wildly around my southern home.


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