20141219-DSC_0002Ooh, the temperatures are due to drop here in the Midwest this coming week. After six weeks of using more pain medications while still moving stiffly, and starting to pull into myself for hibernation because I don’t want to go out the door, I think it is time to seek a new environment. Good thing we have already checked in for our flight to southern Florida in the morning.

botanical garden 051I am so very ready to shed the layers of clothes I have been wearing and feel the sun on my skin. Sometimes I need some new in my life and this is the time.

botanical garden 175

After six weeks of seeing images of Michigan countryside in winter without snow (can you hear the pout?) you will now be treated to the images I am able to capture of tropical flowers and the wading birds that are wintering just as I am.

Cheers to starting a new year in a new environment.

This blog was inspired by Michelle of Daily Post fame, one of the wonderful people who give us great ideas for creating new posts. The new word this week is new.

22 thoughts on “New

  1. Hi dear Pat.
    It’s been a while – but – I’m catching breaks from my busy schedule & trying to visit here & there as I get a chance.
    Sorry to hear that things have been a bit rough with health. Hope you will feel better soon.
    And – talk about timing – don’t forget to pick me up on your way to warm sunny FL. πŸ˜‰
    Happy New Year!


    • Thanks, Jamie. Yes I am – and am working on a series of posts on the decisions we make when we become dependent and are in the process of dying. I’m think a lot about this – in a good way.

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      • I’ll look forward to that with interest. Am in the process now of updating my own paperwork. πŸ™‚ It’s good that we can make our own decisions in advance. Makes it easier on us and everyone else. No rush. No guesswork.


    • We are here and very happy – after we went out to buy a new battery for our car. When we tried to start it, it was completely dead. It is great to have the sliders open and hearing the night chirpers.

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    • One of the things that tires me so much when I am in the northern cold is all the clothes it takes to be comfortable and to survive the elements. I will send lots of sunshine and color during the next three months, just for you.


    • Thanks, Charlie. I understand totally – I have found I flourish in the sun and warmth of Florida while I survive in the cold and grey of the Midwest winter.


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