One Beautiful Bridge

parkway200 204-2I was going to post this last week for Cee’s Which Way Challenge but never got around to it. There are several posts germinating in my brain that I never got to…maybe because I feel a little disconnected. I’m not very happy about being in Michigan because the cold weather is making it very difficult for me to control pain. On the other hand, I’m very happy to be in Michigan, spending time with family and friends. It has been several years since I’ve been so excited about preparing for Christmas, but I’m not ready to write a post or even take photographs about it. I’m thinking of making Christmas cookies for the first time in years even though I’m dragging my feet on putting up the Christmas greens.

I lingered over this photo several times as I have been cleaning out files. Maybe it is the “bridge over troubled waters” I need to help me express the joy of anticipation that is so much a part of our religious observance even though my body doesn’t want to cooperate. A joyful heart with a troubled body trumps a joyful body with a troubled heart any day.

Anyway, when I saw Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge was “Bridges” this week, I knew this was the one.

13 thoughts on “One Beautiful Bridge

    • Thanks, Heather. I did wake up very focused this morning. Isn’t amazing how “just getting words out” helps our brain move on. Gotta love it! Happy Holidays to you, your husband, and of course Petey.


    • This one was on the southern half of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I enjoy how my many memories stored over years of experience can be triggered. Life at 70 is so wonderful – but in a very different way than when I was younger.


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