Pure Michigan: Pure Barns

MSU Bird Sanctuary 180-2

As Julie and I were driving through the countryside yesterday, looking for photo ops in the rare Michigan winter sunshine, we talked a lot about barns. The area we live in has lots of small farms and swamps. Julie thinks Michigan may have the most uninhabitable land second only to Alaska – because of our swamps. Probably isn’t true when we think of the mountain states – but it sure seems like it. I have a fondness for swamps but today is about barns.

When I am in Florida for the winter months (except December) I really miss barns. We have even driven through the southern Florida farm lands and they don’t have real barns. You know, the real barns that are red. I find traveling around the US a lot of fun because I become aware of the different styles and colors of barns. Isn’t it interesting that we assume that real is what we grew up around. Then we start moving further and further away from the familiar and our reality is also broadened.

MSU Bird Sanctuary 177-2

But it sure is nice to be back in Michigan where we have real barns! If you think your barns are the real thing, just do a post, provide a link in the comments, and prove it to me.


22 thoughts on “Pure Michigan: Pure Barns

    • LOL – yes they do. Maybe I should worry about farmers coming out and requiring payment for photographing them to help with their up-keep. 🙂 We did have one person get really angry at us because we asked if we could photograph his round barn.

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    • I love them, and am longing to get a photograph of one. They are so beautiful, and tell such a great story about that location. I have seen them connected directly to the house.


  1. Having grown up in Illinois, I never gave much thought to all the red barns. Then I moved away and when we would return to IL each summer, I looked at barns in a whole new light; discovered a beauty to them. Love MI in the fall 🙂


    • Yes – going to a cider mill and smelling the sweet smell of freshly squeezed apples. How much sweeter can it get – especially if the have freshly fried doughnuts. 🙂


  2. Alas…finding a barn in this area of SoCal is as likely as making a snowman on a San Diego beach…but I would say real barns are the aged-gray color with just a hint of red. 🙂


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