Finding Color Under Grey Skies

flowers 079-2

We are back in Michigan and it is great to be with family and long-time friends. I also remember why we decided to spend winters in Florida – we have had nothing but white skies for the close to a week we have been back. I lied – there have been three times when the sun came through the cloud cover just enough to cast soft shadows – for a couple of minutes.

I have been keeping myself from the brink of depression by sorting through old files. I have been needing to delete some NEF photo files, buy a new computer, or find a better external storage system than I currently have. Going through my old files of photos of Florida’s flowers is free and provides me with just enough sunshine sans not vitamin D.

flowers 011-2

Another benefit of going through my old files is that it brings back memories. I smile as I remember spending some early morning time by the pool practicing using lens extensions with my 50 mm lens. There are several different hibiscus shrubs and they never fail to delight me with their beautiful color and graceful petals.

If you also live close to big bodies of water where cold air and relatively warm water is producing endless grey skies, I hope my found color brings a little joy to your day.

12 thoughts on “Finding Color Under Grey Skies

  1. I have not been a fan of November for as far back as I can remember–days of overwhelming grayness often reflect my mood. I know that I can look above to find the light that I long for, not always easy but definitely available.


    • Thanks – I have been enjoying them. And because there hasn’t been good enough light for even mediocre photos, I am spending my time organizing photo files. 🙂


  2. Why, you must’ve posted this just for me! I do live close to said bodies of water and endless cloudy days.
    Nothing like digging through the old archives to find warm memories 🙂 Hope you had a great holiday, Pat!


    • I did think of you as I was doing the post. We don’t have snow down here and the sky is the color of dingy sheet. Oh wait a minute, you know all about it. We just got back from our second Thanksgiving dinner in as many days. Both were with family and both were filled with love and laughter. What more could I ask for – oh yes, sun. I hope you had a holiday that was just what you needed.


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