Beauty thru my Lens: Yellow Orchid

botanital gardens 007-2

I was really excited about my first trip to the Naples Botanical Garden when it opened for the season. Over the summer they had finished construction of their new entrance, a restaurant, and several new gardens.

One new garden was an orchid garden. What fun I have had finding ways to best capture the unique personality of the many beauties they have growing.

I will be slow in sharing them because I am finding that most of the photos I take home don’t make the cut. But what fun to know that I can return to try again and look for new blooms coming into season.botanical gardens 025-2

9 thoughts on “Beauty thru my Lens: Yellow Orchid

  1. Oohs & ahhs! I didn’t realize that the Naples Botanical Garden was adding an orchid section. Now I’m even more looking forward to visiting it again this winter. I’m a bit envious of your opportunity to visit it frequently over a period of months. Must be interesting to see it change from week to week. It is such a beautiful place.


    • They open at 8:00 on Tuesdays for members so I go every week. That allows me to go before the sun is real high. The restaurant looks very interesting – I’ll be doing a post on it this week. It has become one of my favorite spots in Naples.

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  2. Lovely, Pat. Will look forward to seeing more from that garden when you can post.

    I have that experience too: getting home and finding many of the photos didn’t quite turn out as envisoned. Thank goodness for iPhone and digitals or we’d be spending ourselves into povery buying film, eh?

    Hope you and your husband have a fun weekend.


    • I am thankful for digital. I always had the desire to create interesting photographs but when I developed them they were a major disappointment. I couldn’t afford taking the number of photos required to learn from mistakes. Now I can take hundreds – if that what it takes to learn. And sometimes it does! 🙂
      Our weekend looks great – hope the weather is good for you on the west coast.

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      • We look with hope for rain soon to mitigate our three-year-long drought. Having said that, it beautiful right now and there are still a few roses left in the garden and some water in the Japanese Tea Garden koi pond. Hooray! 🙂

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