Minimalist of Nature

maple dale 183-2

Focusing on the minimal of nature for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Minimalist. Thanks, Jen, for a fun one!

17 thoughts on “Minimalist of Nature

    • Thanks, Heather. I took it before we came south – at one of those many marsh areas in southern Michigan that I love so much. I liked it but wasn’t inspired to use it until this challenge came up. A close crop of the seeds is really interesting. Oh, the wonders of digital photography.


      • I don’t think – pfft! I know! – I ever would’ve become so interested in photography if it weren’t for digital. I’m not saying it’s a cheap hobby, but experimentation is almost free compared to the film days!


    • Thanks, Charlie. Hope your week-end is good, too. Although we have a hard time telling the difference between each day of the week. We now have 7-day week-ends. 🙂


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