A Road Not Taken

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I am drawn to paths and lanes, and absolutely can’t resist going down a dirt road in Michigan. When our family was young and we camped in the Upper Peninsula, way up north of Houghton and Hancock, we would drive our station wagon down fire lanes in search of ghost towns.

I treasure these memories that can still elicit a quickened heart beat and the anxiety of wondering if the car could make it – and of course the excitement of finding them. We have aged a lot since then and our activities have changed with our bodies. We don’t want to jar our stiffening muscles and arthritic joints to the point where the price is too high. There are some roads that we choose not to go down, with no regrets because we had fun in the past.

We are finding new adventures that are consistent with what our bodies can do. Next week we leave Michigan for our Florida home, but on the way we are going to drive the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina. As I read the guide books I bought I am a little sad that my body won’t allow me to do most the trails to water falls, but I notice that there are many that are close to the road. I am really excited about what we are able to do – and choose not to think about what I can’t do. We are slowing down but that gives us time to focus on where we are and the wonder around us. And of course I am focusing my camera where-ever I am.

How sweet it is to be older, to have the privilege to take as long as we want along the road we do choose.

Cee would enjoy seeing your interpretation of ways that we travel. You can get lots of ideas by checking out her post on “Which Way“.

19 thoughts on “A Road Not Taken

  1. “there are some roads we choose not to go down” … as in life, we are more selective in maturity, eh? Yes! The leisure of these days is welcome.

    I was thinking that you were moving to Florida with your last post; but, in fact, you’ve been living there. Right? My goodness, lady, you have been around! How wonderful.


    • No, we are just snow birds – we own a condo in southwest FL but our official residence is Michigan. But yes we are trying to get around a lot because I know my travel days are numbered.


  2. Your attitude reminds me of the aphorism that goes along the lines of: “Worrying about tomorrow only steals the joys of today.” No point coveting what you simply cannot have. Besides, when we look, we’ve all got lots to enjoy right in front of us.
    Hope you get the chance to take the road less traveled, and that your trip south is punctuated by lots of beautiful roadside stops πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Heather. I love your comment and hopefully you will see lots of beautiful roadsides on my blog in the next couple of weeks. I have been reading Freeman Patterson again – about photographing the nature around us. You do such a beautiful job of doing that in Northern Michigan. I have a post coming on the beauty of nature in Southern Michigan. Peace.


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  4. Dear Pat – Ummm…you forgot to mention a stop on your way to FL…

    “Next week we leave Michigan for our Florida home, but on the way we are going to drive the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina.” Before we get to VA & NC , we will make a detour to WI to pick RoSy up. This winter she’s staying with us in FL. πŸ˜‰


  5. Oh me too, Pat! A dirt road, a woodland path, always so inviting and intriguing. And how nice that you are driving to Florida. My son started grad school in NC this fall, has started exploring and is enjoying the sights down there. I have seen some photos of the roads through the mountains and it looks like there is an abundant amount of beauty to see from the car! Enjoy the ride, savor every moment and I can’t wait to see what you capture through your lens!


    • One of the greatest joys of having children grow up is where they move to. I have traveled to some places that I have really enjoyed because of kids. Maybe you can visit him in NC. I will take your advise and enjoy every minute. I am seeing the world is a strange way lately so I’m looking forward to seeing what I capture, too. ::)


  6. Nice to travel most of the road you want to travel…hey…they do make a Lexus SUV…could protect those joints when traveling some of those other roads you want to wander down.:-) Have a safe trip to Florida.


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