Autumn Equinox

Gravenhurst 108

Transition day, moving from summer into autumn. Probably my favorite time of year, especially when I am experiencing it. We are having a week of beautiful weather after a rainy weekend. That doesn’t bother me now that I’m retired, and I took advantage of all this by working in my garden this morning. The Black-eyed Susans are ready to be cut down, but it was such a good year that they got a bit unruly – along with the Gooseneck and Daisies.

fall equanox 029-2

I want to dig them up where they are unwelcome, where they are claiming squatter’s rights where I want other plants to grow. I did as much as my body allowed, and I think JB will do some this afternoon, and maybe I can hire the neighbor boy to help when he gets home from school.

I feel sadness when I see my flowers produce seed and die down, but that is their purpose, what they are suppose to do. It would normally get me thinking about our human purpose in life – but not today. Today I am feeling the pull towards autumn. I am wanting to clean my flower beds so I will be able to see the new green growth, that will become dormant until the spring winds and sun warm the earth.

fall equanox 015-2I am in a celebratory mood. I feel the excitement of the change. With the cooler weather and lower humidity we are savoring the comfort foods of fall. JB says it is time to put the comforter on the bed – and the flannel sheets may also feel good. Here in lower Michigan we have about equal amounts of night and day. The early evening darkness with the 7:30 sunset means that I want to go to bed at 8:00. I often wonder what life was like in the most northern and southern regions of our planet before electricity. Are we designed to semi-hibernate for the winter? I feel the call to migrate south with the birds.

fall equanox 043-2

15 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox

  1. Nice photos to honor the transition. I hate to see the flowers go, too, but then the trees change. After last winter, let’s just not talk about what happens after the trees change. Let’s stay in our pretend land, imagining a state of suspended autumn.


  2. I love the changing of the seasons. And for someone living up north I can tell that I love the darkness of winter as much as I love the Nordic summer nights. But I think the summer nights helps us through the winters. By the way: lovely photos. 🙂


    • I think there is some part of me that longs for that type of life that allows my body and the seasons to dictate what I do. Now that I am retired I am able to move in that direction – but slowly because I have been taught to not trust what my body says I need. We are such interesting creatures, huh.


    • Yes, I had trouble with depression in the Michigan winters before we started spending winters in Florida. In addition to short days, Michigan is cloudy most days in the winter. When we wake up to sunny skies in Michigan during winter months it is startling.


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