Where did that hole come from?

JB has family who are big into construction – as in dirt movers, digging gravel, and road grading. This is one of the big excavators owned by his nephew, Jerry, and that is me running it, digging a hole. What an adrenalin rush. Definitely right up there on the list of significant experiences in my life.


Many years ago JB’s brother was working on preparing a street for repaving, and as they were digging a hole, probably for a sewer catch basin, they found a hole. No one knew it was there until they dug it up. It made the local newspaper.

We have come across a lot of holes as we traveled the continent from coast to coast. This hole was made by nature, at Gros Morne World Heritage park in Newfoundland.Gros Morne 089-2

This hole in the mountain was tediously carved by workman with very primitive means in order to protect the environment. It is a part of Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Sun Road 068

I have seen Crater Lake and my heart still skips a beat when I think of the power of the volcano that blew off the top of this mountain. This is a hole that has been filled with water and still looks like a hole because of the steep ridges all around the lake.

crater lake 246

Are the oceans big holes on the earth’s surface that have filled with water?

Oregon lighthouse 071

You can post your interpretation of “hole” by going here.

20 thoughts on “Where did that hole come from?

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  2. Oh my goodness, Pat. You are so brave. I don’t think I could even have walked near that equipment much less operated it. Bravo! …. and stunning photos as always. Thank you!

    And your post is up on Bardo today. Lovely!


    • Thanks, Jamie. It was possible to get into serious trouble with the big one so Jerry hung on and guided my moves when I started to do so the wrong thing. He gave me free use of a smaller one – but wouldn’t let me behind the control of a dozer. They can get out of control really easy. We have been without internet for a couple of days, thanks for putting my post on Bardo.

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  3. I just got glimpse of that lake and thought “that’s gotta be Crater Lake” and sure enough. That’s one of my most favorite places. I love Glacier. Parts of Going to the sun were closed when I was there, just before a tunnel, not sure if yours is the same one.


  4. What a fun post, Pat, and I bet you have a better appreciation for why “boys like their toys” 🙂
    Love that shot from Newfoundland! The others are lovely, too, but what a cool, natural hole.


    • I keep telling my husband I want one of those little hole diggers – can’t remember the name of them but they are little excavators. He doesn’t even answer – which probably means not a chance. Even as a child I though boys had toys that were a lot more fun. I haven’t changed my mind on that. 🙂


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