Beauty Thru My Lens: A Rose

Toledo Zoo 261I did a little cropping to make the composition more pleasing, and then I stared, wondering how something that has such a short life could be so beautiful. I am thankful that I have sight – to see my world as I moved through it that day, and also the ability to see the beauty of this very special rose.

Our days of seeing blooming flowers are coming to an end for this year, here in the northern part of the northern hemisphere. This gets me thinking about aging, and the fact that my seasons are numbered. The number isn’t known to me yet. I may have ten more autumns – maybe more, maybe less.

Knowing this doesn’t distress me. Some people don’t like talking about getting old and nearing death. I think that once I acknowledged my limited time, like the limited time that this rose will bloom, I began to appreciate living so much more. This doesn’t mean that I have to do everything on a bucket list; it means that I want to enjoy the special moments in each day. Like listening to JB talk about this and that as we are eating a simple dinner together, and having the satisfaction of folding clean laundry. It means feeling joy as I chose this rose to post, and writing the thoughts that the image triggered in my brain. My days are numbered so I will especially enjoy the likes I find in the morning, and the comments I will read from the wonderful people I have met in the vast blogging community. Thank you for enriching my life and I hope you find many simple pleasures as you make your way through this day.

11 thoughts on “Beauty Thru My Lens: A Rose

  1. Yes, as I age I think about the precious time I have left and it does make me appreciate each and every little moment. Your rose is a beauty and is so stunning on that dark background!


    • My pleasure, Michael. If we look for them, there are a whole lot of benefits to getting older. As soon as I stop my whining about what this old body is doing (or not able to do), I can find them. 🙂


    • It looks like it is going to be a really good day – as soon as I wake up. 🙂 I started a new medication last night that has drowsiness as a side effect.


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