Humanity: Kyrgyzstan

I was looking through my files of photographs taken during a trip to Kyrgyzstan to visit my daughter in 2009. We took some beautiful photographs of scenery and I enjoy them, they evoke memories of being in certain places. But the photographs I enjoy the most are those of the people I met along the way. I was invited into the homes of her friends, and into a family’s yurt for supper while visiting the highland summer pastures of Son Kul. We walked the streets of Bishkek and also the village streets in the countryside. How interesting it is to watch people as they are living their lives.

We may have different values and customs, and different routines to our daily lives, but we all need love and safety, we all need the means to feed ourselves and we all teach our children. We dream dreams, work hard, and hopefully have the opportunity to grow old with dignity.

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12 thoughts on “Humanity: Kyrgyzstan

  1. I love this series of photos!
    Isn’t it wonderful to meet the people as we get a chance to travel. I’ve only been to a few places around the world & my favorite part of traveling is meeting the people & getting to know more about different cultures & customs..


    • I agree, Charlie. I could see the fatigue in mother’s face as she cared for her infant as we ate supper in her family’s yurt. Grandmother loved the camera and made it into most photos.


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