Beauty thru my Lens: Perfection

Toledo Zoo 230I overdosed on photographing roses at the Toledo Zoo yesterday. There was so much perfection that I forgot that the sun was hot, I was sweating, my back and feet hurt from walking so long, and I was thirsty and hungry. I had obtained the runners high without the running – can’t get much sweeter than that. This beauty is so perfect I had to do very little post-processing to bring it to you. 

20 thoughts on “Beauty thru my Lens: Perfection

    • Yes, whites and reds are very difficult because of the harsh shadows and getting washed out. I have better luck with other colors. This was noon – and the zoo doesn’t open until 10:00 which a problem with all gardens. Hard to get to (without getting arrested) when the light is right.


  1. Fantastic! They are perfection ! I need to post the photos of the Rose Festival in Lottum, NL once I get off my lazy butt !


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