Of Farmer’s Markets and a Cemetery

Farmer’s markets are one of the great joys of summer. We stumbled upon this one when we walked through the park in Bayfield, Ontario as we are beginning a traveling vacation in Canada. We stopped for one of the light lunches out of our frig that we enjoy so much, and then set off in search of some ice cream. The ice cream was yummy and by luck we found the farmer’s market on our way back – all in close proximity to where we parked.

Our destination was Owen Sound, on the southern coast of the Georgian Bay. JB’s father is from this area so he has visited many times – and I’ve been here twice. He was doing a good job of navigating me to the city park where we are camping for a few nights – until we came to a fork in the road and he tells me to go right. We head up a very steep hill and he knows it was a wrong call. At the top I stop so we can decide to go right or left and if I have the right of way. A car honks behind me and cars coming from both directions are waiting – I decide I need to move and JB says left. He soon knows where we are and says the city cemetery is just ahead and if I turn in…

Well I am winding my way through narrow lanes with a 22 foot trailer in tow until we come to the end, and then we are bouncing along a pocked narrow lane across the back of the cemetery that he says will lead us out the back way. Wrong. I turn at the only turn available to me, leading back into the cemetery and there is a young man walking towards us. He stops us and indicates for me to roll down my window. “You are lost.”

“What was your first clue,” I say through tears of laughter as I picture the situation from his perspective.

“When you stopped on the hill.” He was the person who honked at me. “I bet you are looking for Harrison Park.” I fumble with something about whether we would be happier camping in the cemetery or the park but he doesn’t get it. He is there to rescue us and I am grateful. He says he will escort us to the park and heads back to his car.

When we get to the park he tells us about the folk festival happening in town this weekend and the best place to eat. “Be sure to order the Snowball desert.” And he is off after wishing us a great week-end.

“You are lost.” We really weren’t, not totally, but what a great pick-up line..

13 thoughts on “Of Farmer’s Markets and a Cemetery

  1. Lovely! Lovely! I do so enjoy farmers’ markets. We are fortunate to have several around here.

    Pat, you are so brave to drive with a trailer. Yikes! I have problems driving a shopping cart. More than a few have been wounded.


  2. The farmer’s market is colourful, that’s for sure. Gorgeous photos. Our town had their monthly market yesterday, but I couldn’t be bothered going, I remembered late. I’ve been just the once, by accident when we took visiting grandchildren to the playground. I had to smile at the vision of you trundling through the cemetery with the van! Hilarious. πŸ˜€ Hope the weather is kind.


  3. I have a couple of things in common with your post today:
    1. I just sautΓ©ed onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes and basil from my garden to toss with some farfalle for lunch. The peppers were so beautiful I had to stop and snap a picture before I stirred in the basil. Your farmer’s mkt. pics are gorgeous.
    2. In my youth I used to backpack along the Bruce Peninsula from Tobermory to Owen Sound with the Girl Scouts. The water in the Bay was so clean we could just dip our cups in and drink. I’m guessing it has been developed quite a bit since then and it would probably be unwise to do so now.
    Enjoy your trip.


    • Thanks for your wonderful comments. My husband said that the Georgian Bay is cleaner than it was when he was a kid. It is not nearly as developed as places around the lakes in the US are. We hope that the rain we had all day will clear up so we can see some of the landscape tomorrow.


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