Pure Michigan – Pure Summer

I’ve been wondering if my enjoyment of the Michigan summer is because it is such a great place to live, or whether my love is based on years of joyous memories. Probably both.

Memories of spending summers with Grandma on a small lake, of my parents bringing in a string of big bluegills for our supper.

evening 119

Driving country roads, the ever-changing beauty of the farmers’ fields

evening 030

and hearing corn grow on a still evening.

evening 084

The joys of camping when our children were young, exploring the wonders of the woods and lakes.


eating lunch on a Lake Michigan beach, feeling soft sand between our toes,


swinging so high, our toes touched the sky.


Buying fresh produce for a summer supper, and preserving for winter’s cold.

farmers market 011

And my greatest summer joy is sitting on my purple porch swing, remembering summers past, drinking my morning coffee,


and enjoying my summer flowers.

flowers 007

Pure summer, pure joy. The best part of growing old is having a life-time of wonderful memories plus all the current pleasures.

This is in response to Krista’s Daily Post challenge of “Summer Lovin'”


19 thoughts on “Pure Michigan – Pure Summer

  1. lovely photos – wonderful summer images – Pure Michigan, truly…. love those commercials , love the sound of Tim Allen’s voice, and the soft music evocative of peaceful place to rest, relax,and rejuvenate… wishing you a wonderful week.


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