Fly Away Baby Bird

Amish 128

Julie and I were photographing an Amish farm in Indiana yesterday when I was startled by a bird sitting on a wire next to me. So next to me that I had to back up a step to get a focus with my 70-300 mm lens. I think it might have flown there because I had detected a movement in the corner of my eye.

It just sat there – and I wondered if it was distressed by my presence. I knew I should walk away, but I really wanted a photo first. Usually small birds don’t sit still long enough for me to get sharp photos.

15 thoughts on “Fly Away Baby Bird

    • LOL – Sometimes I have more luck than talent. Being at the right place at the right time with a stunned bird next to me. How lucky is that? The talent was knowing how to use my long lens for a closeup without having to move too much.


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