Whoa, Close Enough

glacier 517

Alaska doesn’t have a shortage of beautiful waterfalls, and we saw plenty in the small area we sailed. This one is depositing fresh water into Endicott Arm, west of Dawes Glacier.

I am intrigued by scale. Taking this in portrait mode gives an idea of how high this rock face is, and how far the water is dropping. It is a beautiful example of the rock walls of a fiord. Even though I know the mountains are huge, these falls still look like small ribbons of water cascading down the rock.

Captain Ron maneuvered the Island Spirit up close, and it was only from this perspective that I could appreciate how much water was flowing from the upper snow fields. People who live here year around said they had a small snow fall this past winter so many of these water falls will probably dry up during parts of the summer – at least until the late summer rains begin.

glacier 568

This is First Mate Tommy (who wants to own a boat and be captain some day soon), guiding the captain as he moves the bow as close to the falls as he can. When the engines were cut, Tommy and Courtney leaned way over to fill pitchers so we could have a taste.

glacier 571

If you look at the back of Courtney’s shirt, you will see that this isn’t the first pitcher to be filled. This was her first week on the ship and I think a little initiation rite took place.  Courtney may have revenge on her mind.

Moving close to the falls made it possible for me to appreciate how the course of the water shifts and turns to mold around the carved rock face. I was in awe of how the water spread itself over the smooth surfaces. One of nature’s beautiful duets.

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I could see myself spending many hours lying in a chaise lounge watching the water forming itself over the rocks – but alas there was no dry flat spot available and Captain Ron was looking at his watch because he was concerned about getting to Ford’s Terror for that 15 minute window.

12 thoughts on “Whoa, Close Enough

    • It was really good. It seems the people in Alaska really trust their water to be pure, sweet, and unpolluted. The bottled water industry has done a number on us so even tested water is suspected.


    • Great. It was clear and cold and fresh. It doesn’t seem like people in Alaska worry about polluted water unless, of course, there is an oil spill. 😦


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