The Tin Smith’s Twist

The tin smith at Sauder Village, Archbold Ohio, was making twisted tin Christmas tree ornaments that are sold in his shop.

He showed the school children (some of the hundreds there on field trips) how he puts the thin strip of tin in the vise and punches a hole in the end.

Sauter 032

He then attaches a special pair of pliers. With a quick pull of the spiral cut rod coming out the back of the pliers, he twisted the strip of tin.

Sauter 033

That was an easy twist by the tin smith.

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10 thoughts on “The Tin Smith’s Twist

    • This was in the Sauder Village in Ohio, which is a historical village where they brought in local authentic old buildings. It is meant for teaching and they have lots of artisans – I will be doing a post on them when we get home from Alaska.


    • He acted like he really enjoyed working with tin. I have another photo of him working intently when he wasn’t teaching that I will use in future post. I worked with tin in a university class and didn’t like it – not at all. I think it took more hand strength than I had.


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