15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • Thanks, George. After I took the photo I wasn’t sure I liked it. But when I was looking for the silent Sunday image it took on different qualities than I had seen before. I can’t decide if it looks like watercolors or acrylic (or maybe mixed media).


    • I haven’t posted, thanks for checking. I have been struggling with fatigue because of a lot of factors. I know I am tired when I don’t have the energy to blog. 🙂 I’m thinking that a visit to the doctor may be in order.


      • It’s good to read you. I am blogging a ot this week, but as you know, my posts have been far fewer recently, and I haven’t been doing a great job ob keeping up with others’ either. But I missed you.
        Take care and enjoy your rest. I hope you are just normally tired, and it is something that’ll pass in a few days.


        • Thanks, Isobel. I know a lot has been going on with you, too. Your surgery must have made it difficult to type so I was impressed that you did continue to blog. The grief that comes with the anniversary of a death also takes a lot of energy to process. Possibly we will both be at our old pace before long.


        • Part of the reason I am not blogging so much is that I am happier. The job I left at Christmas often drained me, and I felt sad and weighed down. Blogging was a great way to rebalance things. So my blogging needs and motivation have changed. I guess I am just finding my feet again. Blogging was very therapeutic when I was worried about Mum too. It helped clarify my thoughts and feelings, and so many people I shall never meet gave me tremendous support.
          Take care of yourself. The blog will still be here. Return when you are ready.


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