Down Dirt Roads: Early Spring Morning

I have a smile on my face, on this cold, dreary, rainy, grey morning. I am thinking of last week’s morning drive down dirt roads, in the sunshine. There was a cold northern breeze that day, that required some light gloves and ear muffs, but I can cope with that if there is good light for photography.

dirt road spring 153

The landscape was still very early spring – not much green except for the winter wheat that was glowing emerald. In this time of early spring I continually scan and strain to see any sign that life is once again emerging from the dormant earth. It is an exciting rite of passage every year that I would miss if we lived permanently in the consistent green of southern Florida. Should I feel guilty over my excitement and anticipation of seeing this emergence of life if I didn’t endure the seemingly endless brutality of this past winter? I’ve decided to have compassion for those who had to endure, but to not stifle my joy with unproductive guilt.

I am longing for some break in the clouds because spring green is exploding this week. When spring comes, it moves very fast so there is no time to waste on grey days.

22 thoughts on “Down Dirt Roads: Early Spring Morning

  1. i think sometimes guilt can be a poor replacement for gratefulness and joy. nothing wrong with counting the blessings before you 🙂 thanks for sharing these ones. beautiful images, all of them.


    • Thanks. I love the line in a novel I am reading, “She felt no guild, so concluded that if God send none she would not invent any.” I’m beginning to think I have a tendency to invent guilt – very useless guilt. 🙂


  2. Nothing like a country road in the spring with that beautiful dappled light! So amazing to watch spring unfolding…just hope we have a spring and it doesn’t go right into 90 degree temps too soon!


    • I am spending a lot of time looking at the sun through the trees, because the leaves come out so fast once they start. Here’s to two months of 70ish sunshine. 🙂


    • We we turned onto this road, I had the same thoughts. It feels like a northern woods road that leads to nowhere – maybe turning into a fire lane.


    • Maybe someday. We knew we didn’t want to be in the cold winters after I retired but didn’t think it would be so easy to accomplish. Being here in early spring reminds me of how many bad-body days I have with the cold and weather changes.
      Hope you have a good night’s sleep. 🙂


  3. I think it’s always acceptable to be excited over the re-emergence of life. Spring is revitalizing for all – even those who flew south for the winter 🙂


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