Floral Friday: Hope



It is one of those days where I ask myself why I came north so early. I know why, but the cold rain outside my window makes my fibromyalgia flare up so half the clothes I own hurt too much to wear. Nothing serious, just that achy all over feeling with increased skin sensitivity. It won’t last long and I can live with it – but I felt a need to go to last year’s photo files to find some sunshine flowers that these April showers are suppose to bring.

garden center 011

And nothing brightens a day and brings a smile like a fluffy baby.

geese 052

10 thoughts on “Floral Friday: Hope

  1. Sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia flare up. Hope the weather gets better. It is much nicer – but – still not the spring weather that would be nice to enjoy.
    Take it easy.


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