Lingering Look at Windows

dirt road spring 049

An inviting cupola on a charming farmhouse on a dirt road somewhere in southern Michigan. We were blissfully lost when we saw this in the distance and had to stop.

14 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows

    • Thanks, Jan. I finally recovered from last week’s trip north and the holiday week-end. I know I am exhausted when I don’t have the energy to post a photo. 🙂 So easy, yet so hard.


    • Charlie, you looked right into my mind. When we get on private property and someone approaches us in a huff, I have a way of talking them down and they end up showing us around whatever we were finding interesting. This morning as I was waking up I thought about how much fun it would have been to get invited up into “mother’s room” They probably are part of a Michigan militia group and would have kept us hostage on the pretense that we are government spies trying to take their guns and property. My husband said there is a lot of violence in that corner of the county and we did see some rough edges. Not easy being a curious old lady. 😀


  1. Oh what a great studio that would make 🙂
    Nice Pat .. don’t you just love something like this turning up when you are lost 😉


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