Coming Home

Michigan Barn, Fall 2013

Michigan Barn, Fall 2013

We drove north this week, from the southern tip of Florida to southern Michigan. It was fun seeing a time-laps of spring, in reverse. The dogwood, among the thousand shades of new green, was beautiful in Alabama and as we went through Tennessee and Kentucky the redbud colored the landscape that was whizzing past my window. There were also some beautiful azaleas along the way. Eventually this reverse time-lapse displayed barren trees against the yellow/orange of sunset. There was even a little dusting of snow where the sun hadn’t reached.

Most exciting was seeing the wooden barns in Tennessee and places north. They don’t exist in Florida and I missed them – a lot. I am eager to do one of our dirt-road photo safaris to see if I can find images of early spring and a few barns. It will have to warm up a bit more because my blood that is used to 80+ temps is not dealing well with the frigid wind. Until I get out, this barn from last fall brings a smile to my heart. As I am dealing with unpacking and a thousand little now-that-I-am-home tasks, the symmetry of this landscape in thirds gives me a sense of order and stability.

It is good to be home.

21 thoughts on “Coming Home

    • It’s coming, RoSy. I saw it creeping up from the south and before you know it you will be complaining about the heat of summer. I really enjoyed all I experienced over the winter but it sure is nice to be “home”. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the welcome back.


    • I left the flannel sheets on when we left in January – so happy we did. I also forgot how cold the water is out of the tap. In Fl water is never cold – we have warm water taps and hot water taps. πŸ™‚


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