Floral Friday: Lotus Pond

botanical gardens 102

One of my favorite places in the Naples Botanical Garden are the Lotus Ponds. There are many reasons why I keep returning and spend a lot of time, but probably the greatest motivation is my desire to “really” capture the beauty. I have a good number of macro photos I like but I am still trying to capture the big picture – the landscape of it all. This one is okay – but I know I’ll do better next year. While I think about how to do it, here are my latest macro shots.

botanical gardens 061 botanical gardens 089 botanical gardens 097


23 thoughts on “Floral Friday: Lotus Pond

    • Thanks. I try to get to the garden at eight to get the best light but on the day we could go, they didn’t open until nine. It was a hot steamy morning – so I appreciate your comment.


      • You’re welcome. I slept most of today away. But – that’s ok. Tomorrow will be a busy morning as I fill in for my brother & sil on parent duty while they are away for the weekend. I’ll be taking my niece to a cheer competition. Rah-Rah! I’ve never been to one. This should be interesting.
        Happy day today – Happy every day 🙂


      • Haha! I’ll do what I can 😉
        We haven’t gotten any yet – we are expecting lots of rain, which, in addition to all the melt is expected to cause significant flooding. And THEN we get the snow. But winter will eventually relent, and I think downstate might be spared from the flakes!


    • Thanks, Lisa. I am looking forward to the perennials and annuals of the north – and also to returning to the south next year to take more photos of the waterlilies. 🙂


    • Thanks, Sylvia. I love those water lilies, too. I am being somewhat brutal in deleting photos of them in my files so I will have to take new ones next year. 🙂


  1. Stunning. Filled with a graceful beauty and a silent peace. Bravo! I like your new theme as well. It suites your work. Promised email to come shortly. My relocation has totally thrown the schedule off and I apologize, Pat.


    • No need to apologize, Jamie. I am in no hurry and are heading north on Monday so that transition takes a little while. I understand how relocation can be make more complicated when health issues are present.
      I am so pleased to read your comment because I have been trying to convey the “graceful beauty and a silent peace” that I see there. But it is also fun to know that I can do better with more practice.


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